Get out of debt through our debt solutions

Debt Management Plan (DMP)

With this service, you pay all your consumer loans with a single monthly payment.

We help you negotiate with your current creditors to reduce interest rates, grant payment holidays, and extend loan terms.

In the debt management plan, we first pay off those loans with the highest interest rates and lowest principal amount. This frees up cash flows, which are used to pay off the next and subsequent loans. This way, you can quickly break free from the debt spiral without taking out another consolidation loan.

You immediately get a smaller monthly installment, so you can achieve an immediate improvement in your financial situation.

Pros and cons of VHS

+ Immediately reduce your monthly installment
+ Possible even if credit history is damaged
+ Pay all your loans with one monthly payment
+ Save significant interest costs
+ Faster way to pay off all your loans
+ “Clean” credit history at the end of the program

– Debt balance remains the same
– Your credit card will be terminated
– Self-imposed temporary credit ban during the program

Requirements for a DMP:
– -> Regular income
– -> Your income is sufficient to pay for the new plan as well as living expenses
– -> No gambling addiction
– -> Payment remarks may not be a barrier

Debt Management Plan + Consolidation Loan

Consolidation Loan

Consolidating your existing loans is often the quickest and easiest way to solve financial difficulties.

If you have good income and an overall healthy financial situation, we can apply for a consolidation loan for you from our finance partners.

Benefits and drawbacks of combining loans

+ Immediately lower your monthly payments
+ Pay off your current loans with one new loan
+ Maintain your credit score by following the plan

-The overall debt balance remains the same

Requirements for debt consolidation loan


-> Stable income
-> Your income is sufficient to pay for the new plan and living expenses
-> Our partner bank approves your new loan
-> A credit default is an obstacle if you do not have sufficient collateral (e.g. own real estate).

Frequently asked questions

You will keep your credit information in good shape. This can be done by following the payment plan on-time each month as well as placing a temporary credit ban on yourself, meaning you cannot take out new loans during the given time frame. The ban is lifted once your debts have been paid off.

Yes, if you have a stable income and are not addicted to gambling.

Our service currently operates for customers of the following banks in Finland: Nordea, OP, Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, Säästöpankki, S-Bank, POP Bank and Ålandsbanken.

Yes. You can personally call banks, financiers, and debt collection companies to negotiate debt reconstructions with them. Rensa’s experts do this every day and are professionals in this field. We believe that we can achieve a better outcome for you.

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